Guided tours

Do you want to join in and look for powder at Åreskutan? This together with our experienced guides who will take you around safely. Or don't you find something that really appeals to you? Below you will find the answers!

I don't have a skiing buddy at the moment and want to hang out with you!

No one is happier than us! Click on Private Guide below and we'll arrange something nice. Sometimes we have queues of skiers/boarders waiting to ride with like-minded people.

Private guide
  • Question 1

    Can I book into an open group?
    Answer: We do not have open groups, but sometimes there may be people looking for a ski buddy and then we try to pair you up so that you can share the cost of a Private guide.

  • Question 2

    Can I book a Private Guide myself?
    Answer: Of course you can! Just contact us and we will tailor a trip just for you.

  • Question 3

    Can you also arrange accommodation for my group that is going out on a summit tour?
    Answer: We are happy to help with that as we have a good grasp of the various hotels and accommodation available where we move. Contact us to get a price picture for this.

Find what suits you best

Here we have more tours and courses that you might be interested in?!


Ice climbing basic course

On this course we teach the basics of winter climbing and how to safely and efficiently climb frozen ice falls. The goal is that after the course you will be able to climb ice top secured on your own.

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Avalanche course

SVELAV Freeride 2

This is a continuation course for those who have already taken Freeride 1. A three-day course with a focus on risk management and trip planning. The course is almost exclusively practical and completely based on top tours.

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Top turn

Top tour weekend Mjölkvattnet

We dare to say that this is a unique arrangement for a long weekend with top touring out in the Jämtland mountain world, far from the nearest road and Wifi. This tour is for those who want to step out of their comfort zone and experience a top tour in pristine snow and remote terrain.

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